Top 5 White Label Crypto Exchange Providers: An Ultimate Review


Cryptocurrency has become one of the hottest topics in the world of finance in recent years. With its impressive popularity, more and more business owners start dipping their toes into the world of crypto startups and trying to get involved in the blockchain space by launching their own trading platforms. 

For beginners in the crypto business there are 2 options - build an exchange from scratch or turn to a white label crypto exchange software. However, creating a trading platform from the ground up can be a daunting task that requires a significant influx of time, efforts, money and resources.

This is exactly where white label cryptocurrency exchange providers come in. These companies offer pre-built trading platforms and crypto exchange API solutions that can be customized and branded by businesses, allowing them to quickly and easily enter the market without having to develop their own platform from scratch.

In this article we are going to review five best white label cryptocurrency exchange software providers and check out their offerings. But, before we dive into the main topic, let’s break down what white label exchange is first.

What Is a Cryptocurrency White Label Exchange?

White label cryptocurrency exchange platform is an exchange that is developed by one company and sold to another company that then rebrands it as their own. This solution allows business owners with little technical know-how and limited capital to develop their own crypto startup.

Most great ideas remain dormant because people don’t want to go through the lengthy and expensive phase of product development especially when they are not tech geeks themselves. That's exactly what white label services are for!

In such systems, the framework is copy-pasted from one exchange to another with a few customization options. After all, white label exchanges are generic platforms that don’t pose any competitive advantage on their own and, for that reason, a brand's reputation plays a primary role in a project's successful launch. Due to their nature, white label products have historically been utilized to grow market share and generate new sources of revenue rather than as a way to enter a market. 

But don’t get discouraged! While this statement might be partly true, there are numerous cases of business owners conquering established markets with only white label products.  

The killing marketing strategy is exactly what brings a personal flair to a mass-market product like a white label trading platform. Who else other than a crypto marketing agency could better fulfill this role? A crypto marketing agency with years of experience and broad expertise in promotion of blockchain-based projects. Not for nothing, but RGray just so happens to be one of those.

Now, back to our main subject: white label exchange software. Besides the multiple benefits, white label crypto exchange solutions also come with several not-so-attractive limitations. 

Let’s take a look at both of them.

White Label Bitcoin Exchange Platform - Key Benefits

  • A readily available solution

While it takes months or even a year to build a custom platform from scratch, crypto exchange white label software can be deployed in just a week. The platform you are looking for already exists - the software provider just deploys, installs, and configures it in a new environment.

  • Thoroughly tested

Since the core of the software is the same for every exchange, you can be sure that you will get a stable set of functions and features working seamlessly.

  • Cost efficient

Cost-efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of white label bitcoin exchange solutions. Most of the time and for obvious reasons, buying a white label product turns out to be a better investment than developing it from square one. As a business owner you can skip stressing out over hiring or outsourcing project managers, designers and testers since this part of work has already been done by a vendor.

  • A proven formula

A white label exchange software allows you to leverage the familiarity of already established brands. White label products have a striking resemblance to one or more prominently advertised brands. The developers of ready-made solutions gather the best-performing features, study other exchanges’ best strategies to craft a one-stop-shop platform for traders, projects and investors.

White Label Crypto Exchange Platform - Key Drawbacks

  • Limited customization

Perhaps the most obvious downside of white labeling. When coding an exchange from scratch, the world is your oyster - you can make everything you have in mind. However, with white label products, you only get to personalize some of their features and design. But the thing is, no matter how hard you try, the layout and format will still look similar.

Don’t forget that every modification to an existing software will cost you a penny. Once the expenditures for changes start to add up, you begin to edge closer and closer to either hiring your own team to customize the platform according to your demands or sticking to generic-looking exchanges with a strong focus on its marketing and branding.

  • The lack of after launch support

In most cases, the companies offering white label crypto exchange software have no incentive to provide ongoing support after the setup. The main priority for such vendors is to sell a product, not to spend the team's resources on maintaining its seamless performance after the launch, let alone implement new features in the future.

  • Hiring a team to support the exchange

Something white label software providers don't tell you is how hard it is to find developers that will maintain your exchange. Every now and then some technical issues arise and, as you have already figured out yourself, the vendor won’t take care of them. But hiring a decent team that will handle technical issues is not a big deal, isn’t it? - Well, it kind of is. With white labeling, where the product’s architecture is only familiar to its previous developers, finding a team to maintain it is challenging to say the least. Not to mention the cost you’ll have to pay them to study the code and database.

  • Mass-market product

If you click on the top 10 search results for “white label crypto exchange”, the chances some of your competitors bought software from one of those providers are high. With limited customization options comes brand overlapping. In this case, developing uniqueness by yourself may be the only way to differentiate.

White Label vs Clone Script vs Turnkey Crypto Exchange

Turnkey vs White Label

When it comes to starting a cryptocurrency exchange business, there are several options available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

  • White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange:

A white label crypto exchange is a pre-built platform that can be customized and branded by businesses to suit their needs. White label solutions are ideal for businesses that want to launch a crypto exchange quickly and cost-effectively without having to build one from scratch. These platforms typically offer basic features and functionalities that can be customized as per the business's requirements.

  • Clone Script Cryptocurrency Exchange:

A clone script crypto exchange is a pre-built platform that replicates an existing exchange's features and functionalities. It is an excellent option for businesses that want to replicate the success of an existing exchange. Clone scripts can be customized to suit the business's requirements, but they are limited to the features and functionalities of the existing exchange they are based on.

  • Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange:

A turnkey crypto exchange is a comprehensive solution that includes everything needed to launch a crypto exchange from scratch. It includes the platform, infrastructure, and support needed to get the exchange up and running.

White Label Exchange: Pricing

White label crypto exchange cost can vary depending on the specific features and services that the exchange offers. Generally, the pricing model is based on a monthly or yearly subscription fee, as well as transaction fees charged to users for trading on the platform.

The subscription fee for a white label exchange can range from a few thousand dollars per month to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the size and complexity of the exchange. This fee usually includes access to the exchange's software, technical support, and maintenance services.

Transaction fees are typically charged as a percentage of the trade value or as a fixed fee per transaction. These fees can range from 0.1% to 0.5% of the trade value, or from a few cents to a few dollars per transaction.

It's worth noting that white label exchange providers may offer different pricing packages based on the specific needs of the client. Additionally, some providers may offer additional services or customizations for an additional fee.

Top 5 Best White Label Exchanges

Newer entrants are always faced with a dilemma of choosing the best white label cryptocurrency exchange solution. But we are here to simplify your research and therefore reviewed 5 top-tier white label crypto exchange providers on the market. Let’s break down each of them in details:

  1. AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint Digital Asset Exchange (APEX) is a cutting-edge white label product developed by one of the most experienced and leading technology providers in the industry - AlphaPoint. Since 2013 the firm has powered over 150 exchanges and brokers, including Bitex, Coinext, Chivo and so many more.

APEX engine is known to support integration with almost all types of banking structures, payment gateways and fiat currency. According to the company, the largest financial institutions in the world employ the same architecture to build their security systems.

The management team is another competitive advantage AlphaPoint has over its rivals. The company has stormed into the cryptocurrency industry already having a strong background in traditional finance. Scott Bambacigno, Igor Telyatnikov, Joe Ventura and Jack Sallen are some of the founder members of AlphaPoint.

Key Takeaways:

  • APEX Software architecture is capable of processing over 1,000,000 transactions per second;
  • APEX Solutions supports over 20 cryptocurrencies;
  • AlphaPoint Liquidity & Remarketer are two software solutions that add liquidity to exchanges and increase the order book depth;
  • Among the many tools AlphaPoint offers are: Exchange Technology (Matching Engine, Order Management System), Custody (Wallets, Risk Management), and Yield (Lending, Staking, Interest-Bearing Accounts); 
  • AlphaPoint employs the best security practices as well as measures - real-time error checking, KYC/AML compliance, and 2FA;
  1. ChainUp

ChainUp is one of the top white label crypto exchange providers in the industry. Having been founded in 2018, the firm has served over 1,000 clients in both blockchain and traditional industries. 

ChainUp services can be splitted into three categories:

  1. Crypto Exchange Solutions - Spot Trading System, Futures Trading System, OTC System, Fiat Trading System, Leverage Trading System, Liquidity System;
  2. Wallet Solution - HiCoin Wallet, Wallet Products, Wallet Customization, Hi! Dapp;
  3. Liquidity Aggregation & Market Making Platform;

ChainUp was founded by Zhong Gengfa who previously served as the Technical Director of Baidu SNS Division and also an CTO of a well-known P2P car rental platform, START.

Key Takeaways:

  • The exchanges built upon the ChangeUp white label software can process up to 50,000 transactions per second;
  • MorningSide Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, and other well-known Blockchain, Fintech, and IT investors have all supported the firm by investing in the project;
  • A built-in algorithm allows for the provision of safe, risk-analyzed, crypto-based short and medium-term loans;
  • Remarketer and Liquidity Aggregation are two solutions ChainUp offers to ensure customers get better order book depth, lower bid-ask spreads, and better bid-ask prices;
  1. Devexperts

Devexperts is a firm with 20 years of expertise in creating technology applications for retail and institutional brokerages, wealth-management firms, investment funds, exchanges, and insurance companies. The company specializes in the development of financial softwares as well as sharing its in-depth knowledge of the trading industry to help businesses of various expertise grow. 

White label services is a key area of Devexperts’ focus. In 2022 the firm was named “Best White-Label Platform Solution” at the iFX Expo and Ultimate Fintech Awards, an award of distinction to recognise fintechs in the B2B & B2C online trading space.

Key Takeaways:

  • At maximum speed, the matching engine is capable of processing up to 500,000 queries per second;
  • By connecting trading applications and websites to the platform developed by Devexperts, it is possible to analyze historical data for improved decision-making in the future;
  • Over the past two decades, Devexperts received more than 25 of the global software and financial industries most prestigious awards;
  1. PayBito

PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating in the USA and India. Since 2017, the company has served over 132 exchanges and has established itself as a trusted financial technology provider. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Clients may readily utilize the platform's sophisticated data monitoring tool - Dashboard - to easily access crypto key parameters, such as Fiat and Bitcoin balances and the instant Buy or Sell prices;
  • The average daily trading volume of PayBito exchange ranges around $5 Million, according to CryptoMarketCap;
  • PayBito’s cybersecurity measures are not a joke. The exchange takes the following precautions: Web/APP/DB layer separation, Service layer validations, DDoS mitigation, Firewall, 2FA, IP tracking, GEO Fencing, Hot/Cold multisignature wallet, penetration testing, Infra inaccessible to public (VPC);
  1. HashCash Consultants
HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants is an international software company that specializes in developing technological applications for Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT businesses. The team’s area of expertise covers 7 industries including blockchain. 

The firm provides a wide range of cryptocurrency solutions and services: Сryptocurrency development, White Label ICO Platform, Custom Crypto Exchange, Crypto Payment Processor, Utility Coin Offering, Coin Listings.

Moreover, HashCash drives technological advancement through various Blockchain1o1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels.

Key Takeaways:

  • HashCash runs a US/India-based cryptocurrency exchange PayBito. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, HCX are registered in Paybito exchange with the option to add more aggregators;
  • The white label exchange is equipped with more common security features as well as some advanced ones, such as BIP-32 and Firebase;
  • The platform is SegWit compatible, ensuring optimum scalability while establishing a crypto exchange;

Is White Label Exchange Platform Enough?

The cryptocurrency exchange white label products are a window of opportunity for those who want to get a project to the market and avoid typical risks, costs and lengthy development phases. 

But what comes after the white label product is up and running? Is your exchange automatically crowned with success? - You might think that branding and marketing will do the rest, however, there is also liquidity that, without exaggeration, determines how valuable your exchange is for the traders.

In short, liquidity is an ability to exchange assets on the platform whenever you want without a price slippage. Illiquid exchanges of any kind are unusable and are a dealbreaker for both traders and potential investors. 

Whether you are building a crypto exchange from scratch or buying a ready-made product, you will inevitably face the liquidity issue anyway. 

That’s where crypto market makers, like BitQuant Capital, come in handy. They bring exchange trading volume from the ground, deepen the orderbooks do the traders could enjoy a opening and closing deals in the healthy and liquid environment. 

BitQuant – An Unmatched Market Maker for You Crypto Exchange

As a business dipping your toes into the world of white labeling or other crypto startup, you should sign a contract with a cryptocurrency market maker as soon as you’ve developed your product. 

BItQuant is a top market maker that provides liquidity to cryptocurrency tokens and exchanges, both DEXes and CEXes. By calling ourselves a “top crypto market maker” we mean:

  1. Experience - 4 years of expertise in the crypto market making field.
  2. Competitive pricing  - we ensure you get a fair deal.
  3. Cutting-edge technology - we utilize advanced trading tools, such as APIs and algorithmic trading bots that provide liquidity to the market 24/7.
  4. Network of connected exchanges - we have built connectivity to dozens of crypto exchanges, including such liquid ones as Binance,, KuCoin etc. 
  5. Transparent reporting - a transparent fee structure, clear communication, and thorough reporting is a must for every business partnership.

Our level of commitment goes beyond a blind task execution. We feel that a professional liquidity provider should be extensively involved in the project's plan in order to coordinate operations from both sides and make required modifications on time.
But these are empty words - book a free call with one of our experts and you will see us in action!

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