Crypto Liquidity Management

Achieve a Fluid Trading System
crypto liquidity managment
crypto liquidity managment


Liquidity is a crucial element of global finances, both centralised and desentralised. The greater the liquidity, the less the price fluctuates, and thus the more stable the market is. A highly liquid environment attracts more market participants as they become confident that their orders will be filled immediately and successfully.


The transaction cannot be executed if there is no counterparty to it. Bitquant Capital market making systems are designed to provide a truly liquid ecosystem where every order gets fulfilled instantly and with minimum slippage.



One of the conventional measurements of liquidity is the difference between the bid and ask prices. We help our clients maintain high relative trading volumes in a way that narrows the gap between the bid-ask prices and keeps the spreads small.

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Market Making for СEX

By building liquidity on centralized exchanges, we create a conducive environment for ambitious and innovative projects to thrive on. Have you ever heard of any exchange offering low liquidity and somehow attracting traders and investors? - We haven’t. In today's fierce crypto market conditions, having a cryptocurrency market maker is not a competitive edge but a bare necessity.

Market Making for Tokens

Supercharge your crypto project across multiple platforms and pairs. Whether your token is already listed or just going to get listed, partnering with a market maker and crypto liquidity provider is vital for its efficient performance on a crypto exchange. Our team operates behind the scenes, making sure your crypto projects stay 24/7 liquid and healthy.

Market Making for DEX

Liquidity on DEXes is majorly driven by automated market maker. LPs are collectively providing liquidity to a trading pair’s liquidity pool through smart contracts. Despite this, every respectable DEX should involve a market maker team to manage this liquidity and control price to prevent arbitrage attacks, incentivize organic trading and and ensure the smooth operations of the decentralized trading platform.