Futures & Options Market Making

Enhancing Liquidity on Cryptocurrency Futures Market


The importance of liquidity on the crypto exchange can’t be overstated. The lack of decent liquidity on the cryptocurrency futures market can cause slippage and then, severe losses to traders, therefore, discouraging them from trading on it. As the primary gauges of liquidity, people usually use a trading volume, tightness of bid-ask spread, order book depth, and open interest rate.

Providing Liquidity

The higher liquidity crypto derivatives exchange holds, the higher profitability it has in the long-run. Trading on highly liquid exchange ensures future contracts are bought and sold at the moment’s notice without any significant price distortion.


Low Slippages

Slippages generally occur in the highly volatile market with a desperate liquidity level. Crypto traders tend to gravitate towards futures trading exchanges featuring heavy participation with no shortage of buyers and sellers, as a result, with no lack of liquidity, thus reducing the slippage.

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Market Making for СEX

By building liquidity on centralized exchanges, we create a conducive environment for ambitious and innovative projects to thrive on. Have you ever heard of any exchange offering low liquidity and somehow attracting traders and investors? - We haven’t. In today's fierce crypto market conditions, having a cryptocurrency market maker is not a competitive edge but a bare necessity.

Market Making for Tokens

Supercharge your crypto project across multiple platforms and pairs. Whether your token is already listed or just going to get listed, partnering with a market maker and crypto liquidity provider is vital for its efficient performance on a crypto exchange. Our team operates behind the scenes, making sure your crypto projects stay 24/7 liquid and healthy.

Market Making for DEX

Liquidity on DEXes is majorly driven by automated market maker. LPs are collectively providing liquidity to a trading pair’s liquidity pool through smart contracts. Despite this, every respectable DEX should involve a market maker team to manage this liquidity and control price to prevent arbitrage attacks, incentivize organic trading and and ensure the smooth operations of the decentralized trading platform.