Cryptocurrency Market Making for Centralized Crypto Exchanges

By enabling liquidity on centralized exchanges we create a conducive environment for ambitious and innovative projects to thrive on. Have you ever heard of any exchange offering low liquidity and somehow attracting traders and investors? - We haven’t. In today's fierce crypto market conditions having a cryptocurrency market maker is not a competitive edge but a bare necessity.

Liquidity Provision

Liquidity is a crucial factor determining the quality of a crypto exchange. When an exchange, as a trading spot, demonstrates a high level of liquidity, it consequently becomes a successful one encouraging more users to trade and more projects to list their tokens.


Trade Volume Management

Exchanges demonstrating low trading volume are at risk of being manipulated by a big market player while smaler retail traders aren’t be able to close a desired positions on such markets. As a result, reputation of a crypto exchnage with no trade volume may be questioned. The market making strategy ensures sustainable trading volume and liquidity on the platform.


Tight Spread Control

Newly emerged crypto exchanges often lack liquidity and have a big spread. An asset with large bid-ask spread means that it is not being actively traded which causes market orders to be filled at unwanted price. As a market maker, we help CEXs maintain a tight bid-ask spread as well as establish a fair price for an asset by making the market run continuously.


Orderbook Depth Building

Deep Orderbooks is a quality mark in the first place. The enhanced order book depth contributes greatly to one fundamental goal - increased liquidity. Our variety of market making strategies guarantees the orders to be filled at every level with limited potential slippage.


After listing market making for listed coins

Once listed, tokens require the constant support of a liquidity provider. The price of a listed asset can get multiplied by 10X, 25X and even 100X, when compared to the price it was initially bought, which gives token investors a chance to profit from selling it right after the project’s listing. When it comes to CEXes, they have to make sure there is also a high demand for an asset in the moment of user’s selloffs.


Pre-listing activities

Once listed, tokens require the constant support of a liquidity provider. When it comes to CEXes, they... have to make sure there is high supply and demand in the exchange - in this case, the projects are bound to succeed.

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