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Crypto Market Making Service


BitQuat Capital is a crypto market making team of professional algo traders with broad experience in market making, liquidity providing and liquidity management. We exactly know what is market making and use the best market maker software to meet the needs of our clients. You may learn more about our services and solutions through our website.
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Liquidity is one of the main quality indicators of a crypto exchange. We, as market makers, are providing a full package of solutions for exchanges both centralized and decentralized. We believe that the best result is achieved via personal approach, therefore, our team designs a custom-tailored market making strategy for every client and market on which we operate.
A wide number of tokens, especially newly listed, may face lack of liquidity, poor order book and low trade volume. Such issues may have a negative impact on investment appeal and a token’s price. Our custom market making strategies in synergy with advanced market making software and bots are aimed to prevent these problems.

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