DeFi Market Maker & Crypto Liquidity Provider

Liquidity on DEXes is driven by automated market makers. They are providing liquidity to a liquidity pool using smart contracts. Despite this, every respectable DEX needs a market maker to manage liquidity and ensure the correct work of exchange.
Defi market maker

Liquidity Pool Setup & Management

Liquidity pools lie at the core of automated market making, the main idea of which is to provide a powerful decentralized solution to liquidity in DEXes. We take full responsibility for creating and managing liquidity pools across various trading pairs, incentivizing users to fund pools themselves.


AMM Management

Integrating the AMM model into the DEX allows digital assets to be traded instantly through a permissionless market making algorithm. We provide technical support for all trading pairs to enable trade execution with minimum slippage.


Trade Volume Support

Volume strength indicates the strength and liquidity of your exchange. Market making bots remove humans from the market making process to accelerate transparent liquidity provision through liquidity pools.


Price Support & Control

We are nurturing liquidity to DEXes in order to prevent the price of digital assets from being manipulated by market speculators and protect exchange and project from pumpers.


Sniper Bot Prevention

Our market maker protocol automatically detects and stops crypto sniper bots from buying out early listed tokens on your DEX. We leverage our cutting-edge AMM technologies to offer every user a fair chance to buy, sell, and trade crypto.


Anti-Arbitrage trading

To achieve the best performance of your exchange, we make sure the prices across all trading pairs are updated in real-time and meet those on other leading exchanges. It avoids DEX from losses on suddenly price changes.

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